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Posted by Piasecki Corp on 2010-01-11 08:56:28 CST

On January 5th., Piasecki successfully flight tested its full scale WBBL UAV. The free flight test vehicle was launched [twice] out of a Short SC-7 SkyVan aircraft into the air at 7000ft and 10,000 ft. altitudes on queue, its drogue chute was deployed, to slow the vehicle to its desirable [engine start] speed, was then put through its free flight maneuvers and responded within its programmed and manual flight regimes accordingly. At the conclusion of the maneuvers the recovery parachute was released and brought the test vehicle to a safe and damage free landing. Witnessed by Fred Piasecki and test team leader Brian Geiger, Fred remarked, "The test model responded and flew without any surprises, a credit to the design and test team, on schedule and on cost, a great team effort, well done".

The Piasecki Wing and Bomb Bay Launched (WBBL) UAV named "Turais™" is designed as an air deployable UAV to extend the Navy's P-3 Orion and P-8A Poseidon aircraft range for a number of missions including marine surveillance and ISR missions. The WBBL UAV can be launched from a U.S. standard bomb rack and therefore can be used in support of fixed wing and rotary wing military missions.

This successful free flight test has now met or exceeded all program commitments of the SBIR Phase II contract and postures the project for Navy follow on funding leading to a fleet evaluation of the WBBL on and from a P-3 or a P-8A aircraft.